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Teaching course program:

EEG teaching course :

1)Introduction to EEG: History to future, monography to infinity. mye***
2)Human anatomy and physiology related to EEG Dr. neveen
3)Technology: Settings, electrode placement, measurement techniques, application methods, montages Prof. ann
4)Activation procedures Prof. amira gohary
5)Normal wake EEG pattern recognition + normal variants Dr. amani
6)Impact of drowsiness and sleep on EEG Prof. saly***
7)Abnormal pattern recognition: epileptic patternsDr. radwa
8)Abnormal pattern recognition: non epileptic patterns Prof. aya
9)EEG in pediatrics
10)When to order an EEG Dr. eman
11)Neurological disorders most commonly seen: Epilepsy Prof. ann
12)Commonly seen non-epileptic neurological disorders Dr. amira labib***
13)EEG in intensive care. Dr. Heba
14)EEG in suspected non-convulsive status epilepticus. Dr. reem
15)EEG to influence the clinical management of patients with epilepsy. Prof. ann
16)Future of EEG (advanced techniques inspired by routine EEG) Prof. hala
17)EEG reporting mye
18)Antiepileptic Drugs Prof. omar

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    Excellent program. Please let us know, if there are plans to have this course online, in which case, ICNApedia would be able to facilitate.

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